I spend thousands of pounds on equipment to photograph weddings, I spent 7 hours stood in the same spot to capture Will, Kate and relatives leave Westminster Abbey. All that effort and the guy with the iphones gets the best spot, how funny. Look to the left of Carole Middleton in the photograph below and you will see what I mean. Thats the last time anyone with an iphone stands in front of me photographing a wedding, only joking, he’s a legend.

Royal Flip Flops

Everybody makes an effort with their attire at a wedding and the royal wedding is no different, even when wearing flip flops for comfort knowing they will be standing for hours just to get a glimpse of Kate & Will’s.


When Kate & Wills announced their wedding photographer, I must admit I was a little disappointed, for myself and them. Maybe Harry will do a little more research and find KG Wedding on the web. Never mind, I thought I would take a day out of my holiday in London and take a couple of snaps for them to see, if they do find our website after a little more research.

This was one of my favourite shots, just before Kate & Wills appeared from Westminster Abbey for the first time as man and wife a heart shaped balloon with a picture of them both floated over the archway of the Abbey, it was meant to be, true love.