New Ltd Edition Print (Hang On)

I have just added a new ltd edition print to Sheridan Gallery. The new print is entitled Hang On. I have noticed that a lot of my work has evoked thoughts of ageing, mortality and just how tenuous life really is. At 43 I hope I have a good few years left in me yet. I have produced work concerned with ageing for the past 10 years, again not deliberately, but the images jump out at me (I hope its not the grim reaper telling me something). This image tells me that everyone the apple grew up with has gone, but still it hangs on, cold, lonely and out of place. This could lead me to deliberate whether we can live too long, but not on this occasion. Twenty minutes after photographing the apple it had fallen from the tree, had its purpose not been to be eaten like all the rest, but to create a piece of art, to be immortalised in print. Is it strange to feel for a single piece of fruit.